All KOZI Pellet Stove Parts
ASTTRAY-LSteel Large Ashtray (In Pedestal), XL
ASTTRAY-SSteel Small Ashtray (coil handles), fits XL insert or KSH
BCKSL100Steel Back Heat Shield, XL
BCKSLBW2Steel Back Heat Shield. BW
BPOT1005Steel Burn Pot, with rect.cut out
BPOTSTD-HASteel Burn Pot Stand, 2 holes, Hot Air Igniter
BPOTSTD-SSteel Burn Pot Stand, Single Hole, Contact Igniter
BTRMSLRGBrass Trim Kit Large Surround
BTRMSSTDBrass Trim Kit Standard Surroud
BUS00101Bronze Auger Bushing
BWSSteel Screen for BW Models
BWSCRCLPSteel Screen Clips, Set of 3, BW
CAIRK120Contact Air Igniter Upgrade Kit (side entry)
CBDKZ001MX2 & MX Digital Control Board
DOR00BWBBaywin Black Door Assembly
DOR00BWGBaywin Gold Door Assembly
DOR00XLBXL Black Door Assembly
DOR00XLGXL Gold Door Assembly
DORRP100BXL, Black Metal Door, Rope XL,3/4" x 60"
DORRP100GXL, Gold Cast Iron Door, Rope, 1/2" x 60"
DORRPBWBW, Door Rope, 3/4" x 80"
EC2-CAIRK-120Contact Air Igniter Kit Replacement 3/8" Conduit (Side Entry)
EC2-HA-120Hot Air Igniter Replacement (Back Entry)
ELE000055 Amp Fuse (for MX/MX2 Control Panel)
ELE000083 Amp Fuse
EXFANIMPExhaust Fan Impeller
FAN12001Circulation Fan for pellet stove120V,
FAN12003Exhaust Fan for pellet stove120V
FBAM0001Auger Motor Fan Blade
FBEF0001Exhaust Fan Blade
FRTGRLBWBW Front Grill Gold
FRTGRLXLXL Steel Front Grill Black
GKT00202Circulation Fan Gasket
GKT00208Exhaust Fan Motor Gasket -Round
GKT00209Exhaust Fan Mount Gasket-Five sides
GKT002101/8" White, Exhaust Housing Mount
GKT00304Gasket, XL Ashtray, 1/2" rope
GKT00306Gasket, XL100 or KSH Glass u-Gasket
GKT00308Gasket, Tadpole rope, fits Previa door
GKT09904Auger Plate Rubber Gasket
GKT09906Gasket, 1/8" Fiber, BW2 Slide Gate Gasket,set of 2
GKT9900Auger Chute Gasket Kit, 2pc
GKTGLBWBW,Gasket Set for BayWin glass
GLS0SKSHGlass, Ceramic, Small, KSH, 3.75 x 4.5 incl u gasket
GLS0XL00XL,Glass, c/w U Gasket( 7,1/2" X 13,7/16")
GLSCPREAGlass, Ceramic, 5 mm, ROBAX Arch Previa Glass
GLSCTBWBW,Glass,Center,BayWin- also need gkt00307
GLSSDBWBW,Glass,Side,BayWin-also need gkt00307
HDL00101XL,Coil Handle,1/2", XL Door
HDL00102Coil 1/4", XL Damper & Cleaning Rod
HDL00103XL, Coil Handle, 3/8" Coil, XL Ashtray
HDL00104Knob/Handle, 1/2" Coil, XL Door- Black Plated
HDL09901Hopper Lid Handle, Plastic
HDL09902BW, Ashtray Gold Handle
HDL09903Knob, Feed Control Knob
HDLDLXLDoor Handle Latch
HDLDRBWBW, Door Handle Kit
HDLDRPREPrevia, Steel Door Handle Kit
HDLDRXLXL Door Handle Assembly
HPASSEMFFree Standing Hopper Assembly (No Auger Motor)
HPASSEMIInsert Hopper Assembly (No Auger Motor)
HPLDINSSteel Hopper Lid,Insert models (3"x16" plate)
HPLIDFRSSteel Hopper Lid, Free Standing Stove
HTSLL100XL,Steel Heat Shield-Left-100Xl
HTSLR100XL,Steel Heat Shield -Right-100 XL
HTSSMLHigh Temp sealant
LIT12001Indicator Light, 120V
MANMXManual for MX control pellet stove
MFDS100Metal Door With Small Glass
MIS00001Steel Auger
MIS00073Auger Metal Plate
MTLIGNAIAir Igniter and Air Intake Metal Plate
MTR12001Auger Motor for pellet stov, 120V
MX2OVERLAYOverlay for MX2 Control Board
MX2OVERLAYOverlay for MX2 Control Board
MXCKBWBayWin, MX Conversion Kit
MXCKKSHKSH, MX Conversion Kit
MXCKXLModel 100 XL, MX Conversion Kit
MXOVERLAYOverlay for MX Control Board
PEDXL100XL 100, Pedestal Base Assembly
PRECDOORPrevia Replacement Door Cast Iron
PRESBCKSLSteel Back Heat Shield for Previa
PRESHTSLSteel Left side heat shield for Previa
PRESHTSRSteel Right side heat shield for Previa
PRESTPHSLSteel Top Heat shield for Previa
PRSSteel Glass Saver, Previa
PWR120NAElectrical Cord, 120V
ROD02502Rod, Tube Scrapper/Cleaning Rod
SIDPNLRTBWBW right side panel, steel
SIDPNLRTKSHRight side panel for KSH 120, steel
SPGD100Steel Splash Guard
SWC00103Switch, Feed Control, 82/500 K (#5)
SWC00110Switch. Hopper Lid, Honeywell 1DM1
SWC00301Switch, Push Button Start (WIRED)
SWC09902Static Pressure Switch
SWC12001Switch Circulation Fan Speed Control, All
TDK0MR01Manual Reset,Thermodisk 60T15,L200F
TDKLMC01Thermal Disk, Ceramic Disc, 140 degrees
TDKLMT01Exhaust Fan Thermodisk, F120-20F, 60T22
TDKLMT02Exhaust Fan disk (ignite),F120-20F,60T23
TDKLMT04Circulation Fan disk F140-20F,60T12
TDKLMT06Thermodisk,Exhaust,60TG22,Style X4284-A,Gold Contact
TDKLMT07Thermodisk, 60T22, Style: X-8466-A, F105-5F
TKSURLRGTrim Kit- Brass- fits large MX surround
TKSURSTDTrim Kit- Brass- fits standard MX surround
TMR120ACAuger Cycle Timer (120V)
TMR120AMFifteen Minute Timer, (120V)
TOPLIDBWBW, Steel Top Lid, complete
TPHSBWBW Top Heat Shield, steel
TPHSL100XL,Top Heat Shield XL 100, steel
TUB09911Steel Exhaust Tube Assembly
TUBSPS01Static Pressure Switch Tube
WIR00P01Wiring Harness, Pellet Stoves, Standard Control
WIRHDC01Wiring Harness, Digital Control, Pellet Stove
XLSSteel screen for pellet stove, fits model 100


Model 100 Pellet Stove & Insert

Model 100 Pellet Stove

Previa Cast Iron Pellet Stove

Previa Cast Iron Pellet Stove

Pellet Accessories

Pellet Stove Accessories